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Risk Factors for Gum Disease

If your gums bleed regularly, it may be a sign you have gum disease. Nearly 75% of Americans will experience some degree of gum disease during their lives. Often referred to as the silent disease, some patients may go a lifetime without knowing they have it. But in the bigger… ...Read More


Could Your Headache Be Related to TMJ?

If you are one of the millions of people suffering with daily headaches that have been undiagnosed – it is time to talk to your dentist. Columbia, SC Dentist Dr. Tom Trinkner treats patients with a range of dental problems, including TMJ disorders which can often be the underlying cause… ...Read More


Choosing the Right Cosmetic Treatment For Your Smile

Cosmetic dentistry is not just recommended for making over a smile, but can also serve an important role in helping to maintain a healthy smile. As we age, tooth structure is weakened and can cause our teeth to become chipped and damaged. This will eventually reduce the tooth enamel, leaving… ...Read More


Sugar Wars: Combatting Tooth Decay In Children

Each February, the American Dental Association sponsors National Children’s Dental Health Month. Columbia, SC Dentist Dr. Tom Trinkner would like to take this opportunity to join them in promoting awareness about the benefits of good oral health- especially in children. This year’s theme is “Sugar Wars”: combatting tooth decay with… ...Read More


Give Your Smile Holiday Sparkle With Teeth Whitening

As you run from store to store this month looking for the perfect gifts for family and friends, consider taking an hour or two to give yourself the gift of a bright, white smile! Columbia, SC Dentist Dr. Tom Trinkner offers teeth whitening to remove stains and the natural darkening… ...Read More


Preventive Dental Care and What it Offers to You

Preventive dental care is the foundation of your oral heath care and should be performed on a regular basis to ensure a lifelong healthy smile. The goal of Columbia, SC Dentist Dr. Thomas Trinkner is to help patients maintain their oral health, as well as to help avoid dental problems… ...Read More


Is Reflux Affecting Your Oral Health?

Acid reflux, GERD, and heartburn are common complaints for many patients today. There are a variety of reasons why someone may experience these common health concerns from genetics to medications to lifestyle habits. Dr. Thomas Trinkner wants to remind patients of the impacts that acid reflux and related disorders can… ...Read More


Get Your Smile Back on Track

Aside from routine cleanings, restorative dentistry is probably the dental specialty that most patients will experience as they age or as a result of tooth damage from a variety of causes. Restorative dentistry is a rather large umbrella term that encompasses a wide variety of dental procedures, including dental fillings,… ...Read More


Cause and Prevention of Tooth Discoloration with Aging

With the advent of teeth whitening, it seems as though you can’t turn on the television or open a magazine without seeing a gleaming white smile staring back at you. White teeth have become such a common cosmetic dental treatment that there are currently hundreds of products and procedures on… ...Read More