Dental FAQs Columbia, SC

Dr. Trinkner and Dr. Keefer gladly welcome new patients from Columbia, Yacht Cove, Lexington, Oak Grove, Irmo, and other surrounding communities. Read our dental FAQs to learn more about our practice.

Do you see children?

Yes, our dentists offer dentistry for children in his Columbia, South Carolina dental office. We generally do not see children younger than age 4, but we can make special arrangements as needed.

Do you accept dental insurance?

We will process nearly all dental insurance claims so that you can receive reimbursement for your treatment. We work with most dental insurance companies as a non-participating or out-of-network provider. You will be responsible for the treatment costs at the time of your visit and your insurance company will send you a reimbursement check, typically within 3 weeks.

If you have specific questions about your dental insurance, contact our office. To learn more about your options, see Payment and Insurance.

What should I bring to my first dental appointment?

Please download our patient forms and bring them with you to your first dental appointment. If you have dental insurance, please also remember to bring that information as well. If you are seeking a second opinion or being referred by another dentist, contact our office to find out if we will need copies of your medical or dental records.

Do you offer cosmetic dentistry?

Yes, Dr. Trinkner and Dr. Keefer are leading cosmetic dentists in Columbia, SC. Dr. Trinkner was the first cosmetic dentist in South Carolina to become an Accredited Member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. Our cosmetic dentists work with some of the world’s leading dental laboratories to create metal-free restorations that look just like natural teeth.

Can you replace missing teeth?

Dr. Trinkner and Dr. Keefer offer several options for patients with missing teeth. Implant dentistry is one of our strengths.

Do you offer oral cancer screenings?

Yes. During the screening, the doctor will look for common warning signs of oral cancer, such as lesions or rough patches in the mouth. We typically perform the screening as part of a routine checkup. Of the nearly 45,000 people diagnosed with oral cancer each year, nearly half succumb to the disease within five years simply because the disease is rarely caught in the early stages. For this reason, we encourage people to undergo routine exams.

Will I need diagnostic x-rays?

Yes. We offer diagnostic x-rays to obtain a clearer view of your smile. We then accurately assess your oral health and recommend preventive procedures to help you maintain a healthy smile.

What is periodontal screening?

We perform this screening to assess your risk of developing gum disease. We can then offer treatment to help prevent the disease. The screening can also uncover the presence of the disease, allowing the doctor to offer treatments that can successfully manage it, preventing adult tooth loss and other serious complications of untreated periodontal disease.

What other concerns do you look for?

We will also look for possible warning signs of TMJ disorder and bruxism (teeth grinding/jaw clenching). Addressing jaw joint issues can help protect your smile from damage and discomfort.