Porcelain Veneers Columbia, SC

Are you one of the many people who intentionally hide their happiness because of unwanted imperfections in their smiles? Tired of being forced to grin and bear it all with unsightly gaps, chips, or misshapen teeth?

We’ve helped hundreds of patients just like you. For nearly three decades, Dr. Trinkner and Dr. Keefer can place custom porcelain veneers to create healthy and natural-looking smiles. An Accredited Member of the AACD, our dentist in Columbia, SC has maintained an ongoing commitment to continuing education in the latest techniques, science, and materials for improving results.

Unlike a dental crown covering the entire tooth, a porcelain veneer is a thin ceramic shell bonded to the front of the affected teeth. Although dental veneers can be made from various materials, our dentists primarily recommend porcelain restorations.

Their durability and realistic appearance are unmatched. Porcelain veneers will give you straighter, brighter, and more even-looking teeth. That’s something to smile about!

Porcelain Veneers in Columbia, SC

Porcelain veneers are a popular treatment for improving the appearance of the smile. Tooth veneers are thin, translucent shells of tooth-like material. They are ideal for patients who want a natural-looking, long-lasting result. This cosmetic dentistry treatment for mild to moderate issues is a more economical solution to treatments like teeth whitening or Invisalign.

Columbia, SC cosmetic dentists Dr. Trinkner and Dr. Keefer offer minimal-prep and no-prep porcelain veneer treatments. This means that very little or no tooth structure is removed to prepare the tooth for dental restoration.

This approach preserves more of the natural tooth structure, promoting better long-term dental health. Minimal prep restorations are also natural-looking and long-lasting.

Porcelain Veneers Process

The process takes a few steps and can be done in two visits. The first visit will be an initial consultation and evaluation to see if this treatment is right for you. We will use digital impressions of your teeth to craft the veneer. The dental veneer will be custom-made in a dental laboratory.

On your second visit, our dental care team will strategically shave a little bit on the front of the affected tooth. This will give the veneer a rough surface to be able to bond securely to the tooth. After placement, Dr. Trinkner may adjust it to match your smile perfectly.

Alternatives to porcelain veneers can include tooth bonding, where Dr. Trinkner applies a composite resin to the tooth and then sculpts it into place for a virtually undetectable restoration.

Porcelain Veneers Case

Porcelain Veneers Before

Porcelain Veneers After

This patient came into our Columbia, SC dental office after his orthodontic treatment had concluded. He was concerned about the spaces between his teeth and wanted to close the gaps between his teeth. One of the main goals was that the smile be very natural-looking and the color not to be too white. Dr. Trinkner designed a smile makeover that included six porcelain veneers.

The Uses of Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are ideal because they can treat many cosmetic dental problems. Since they cover both the front and sides of your teeth, they can completely hide many cosmetic flaws. A porcelain veneer can complete your smile again if you have a chipped, worn down, or misshapen tooth. Our teeth wear as they age, and porcelain veneers can take years off of your smile.

Professional teeth whitening is the typical solution to treat discolored teeth. But there are some cases where the discoloration doesn’t respond to traditional techniques. If your teeth are discolored due to medication or trauma, teeth bleaching won’t fix the discoloration. Porcelain veneers offer a good alternative to this. You get to pick the shade of white you desire and they cover the visible surface of your discolored tooth.

We custom-make each veneer to match your smile perfectly. If you have gaps between your teeth, veneers can fill these gaps while still looking natural. You still look like you have a nice, even smile. We match the size and shape of the rest of your teeth so that the new veneers will blend in well with the rest of your smile.

Porcelain Veneer FAQs

Are veneers permanent?

While porcelain veneers are not completely permanent, they are a long-lasting and highly sought-after option for cosmetically restoring your smile. With proper care and good oral hygiene, your veneers should last long. For more permanent options, it’s always best to consult with your dentist.

Do veneers feel like regular, normal teeth?

Like after many procedures, your new veneers may feel a bit foreign and strange at first. After a few weeks of healing, this should subside, after which point your veneers should feel as natural as the rest of your teeth!

Can veneers be whitened?

Unfortunately, no, they cannot. So choosing a color/tone that matches your smile is important. Likewise, you could also choose a veneer whiter than your smile and schedule an appointment with your dentist to whiten the rest of your smile to match your new veneer’s shine.

See more porcelain veneer before and after photos in our smile gallery. Call us at 803-400-8729 to schedule a consultation, or request an appointment online.