Dental Implants FAQs Columbia, SC

How many implants fixtures will I need?

Your dentist will first do a complete oral exam to determine the number of implants you will need. The main factor is the number of teeth you are missing. A single missing tooth only requires one implant fixture. However, multiple missing teeth can require anywhere from two to eight implant fixtures per arch.

Dr. Trinkner and Dr. Keefer will work with you at our Columbia, SC, dental office. We will determine the accurate number of implants you’ll need to support your dental bridge or denture.

Can a dental implant replace a single tooth?

Dental implants can replace any number of missing teeth. The best way to replace a single tooth is using a dental implant-supported crown. This is the only option that will replace the crown portion of the tooth as well as the root portion. An implant-supported crown will not harm any surrounding teeth like a dental bridge.

The process requires inserting a single implant into the jaw bone at the void and securing a custom dental crown to it. The procedure will not damage any surrounding teeth.

Why does the dental implant process require surgery?

Replacing teeth with dental implants is the closest thing to natural teeth. This is because the metal post will hold the false teeth in place. The oral surgeon secures this post (the implant fixture) into your jaw bone, where it will fuse to the surrounding bone. To access the bone, the dentist or oral surgeon must open the gums and drill a hole in the bone.

Then they will insert the implant into the bone. The only way to accomplish this is through a surgery. However, it is a fairly routine procedure and should only take a few hours.

Can I switch from a denture to dental implants?

It’s never too late to get dental implants. Even if you suffer from bone loss, we can refer you to get a bone graft to build back up the jaw bone. Many patients choose dental implants because they are cheap and simple. They then realize the limitations and how unnatural they feel and look.

To make the switch, we can use implant dentures (also known as All On Four®) to replace your traditional denture.

Can I switch to dental implants if I have a denture?

If you dislike wearing a denture, you can absolutely switch to dental implants. Many of our patients try out dentures and realize this tooth loss solution is not the right choice for them. Traditional dentures are bulky and take some time to adjust to. They can also shift inside the mouth making speaking and smiling difficult.

Dentures are not very sturdy, so there are certain foods that you will have to avoid. The longer you wear the dentures, the more the jaw will deteriorate. If you make the decision to switch, we may recommend a bone graft to restore the bone or the All-on-4 dental implant method.

What are the advantages of dental implants?

Dental implants have many advantages over other teeth replacement options. Most people love how natural they look, feel, and function. Others love how they prevent bone loss in jaw thus helping preserve the natural shape of the face. Bone loss occurs after tooth loss and causes facial sagging and premature aging.

Teeth implants are the only solution that helps prevent this. Implants also do not require harming any healthy, remaining teeth. They do not rely on the remaining teeth for support either.

How long will my dental implants last?

Dental implants will last forever if you care for them properly. They consist of titanium and will fuse to the surrounding bone. As long as you remain in good oral health, they should remain healthy as well.

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