TMJ Treatment Columbia, SC

Are you plagued by frequent headaches that no doctor can seem to treat? Have you been told that you grind your teeth when sleeping? Do you have teeth that appear worn or flat?

Dr. Thomas Trinkner and Dr. Nick Keefer are experienced general and restorative dentists in Columbia, South Carolina for the treatment of complex dental problems. One of the more popular includes occlusal disease and Temporomandibular Disorders (TMD). Through a complete examination, Dr. Trinkner and Dr. Keefer can work with you to identify the source of instability and dysfunction in your bite. Working as a team, we strive to restore balance to the bite and relieve painful symptoms.

“Dr. Trinkner correctly diagnosed and then successfully resolved my bite problems. I had visited two other dentists and three orthodontists prior to finding Dr. Trinkner, but none of them could help me. Dr Trinkner instantly recognized the problem, and then provided an effective solution to correct my bite. I would recommend him to anyone!”- Darla J.

TMJ Therapy in Columbia, SC

Instability in the occlusion (bite) or Temporomandibular Joints (TMJ) causes stress and tension. Some patients experience TMJ pain when their lower jaw and upper jaw joints don’t align while opening and closing their mouth. This can often lead to painful symptoms like headaches, neck pain, and tension in your jaw.

The instability can be destructive to your teeth. They wear down or break away because of teeth grinding and clenching associated with this disorder.

Dr. Trinkner and Dr. Keefer are leading dentists in Columbia, SC for TMJ Therapy. There is no “one-size-fits-all” solution for patients who suffer from TMJ-related disorders. Treatment varies from one patient to another, but the underlying goal is the same: to restore balance and repair damaged teeth.

Treatment Options For TMD and Occlusal Disease

Treatment planning is key for TMJ Therapy. Our dental care team will complete a thorough analysis and examination of the masticatory system. He will analyze the function of your jaw joints, teeth, and other support structures. He may create study models to recreate your system. This helps him identify the source of instability and test out various treatment modalities.

The goal of treatment is to identify the cause of your pain, malocclusion, or teeth grinding so that the dentistry you receive will provide improved dental health, a comfortable bite, and a better quality of life. How can I relieve TMJ pain?

TMJ Therapy can include:

  • Occlusal equilibration, changing the bite by reshaping and/or removing tooth structure
  • Orthodontics such as Invisalign or metal braces
  • Splint therapy or oral appliance therapy
  • Restorative dentistry to repair worn and broken teeth

TMJ Therapy FAQs

Can you fix the effects of TMJ with cosmetic dentistry?

Yes! We can fix the effects of TMJ with both cosmetic and restorative dental services. The number one effect TMJ has on your teeth is the grinding-down of teeth from jaw clenching. We can provide services such as porcelain veneers, dental crowns, and tooth bonding. The specific procedure for your needs will be determined at a personalized dental exam.

Is an aching jaw the only warning sign of TMJ?

No, aside from an aching or popping jaw, you may experience chronic headaches, earaches, or discomfort in the neck or shoulders. If you experience pain in and around your jaw, we recommend seeing the dentist for a thorough diagnosis to pinpoint the cause. Sometimes these signs can lead to other issues, not related to TMJ.

What lifestyle changes can I make to ease TMJ pain?

We may suggest avoiding hard or chewy foods, cutting back on caffeine, and applying a warm compress to the side of your face to ease discomfort. You can also do jaw exercises, and try to sleep on your side as often as possible. These tips can help alleviate TMJ symptoms, but should not be considered the final solution to your jaw pain.

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