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A single missing tooth is not something you should ignore. You must find a replacement even if it’s only a single gap in your smile. Dr. Trinkner and Dr. Keefer are expert dentists in Columbia, SC that can treat tooth loss with a few treatment options. An implant supported crown is the best option however there are other choices if you do not qualify for dental implants.

Implant Supported Crown in Columbia SC

One Missing Tooth

A missing tooth can make it hard to eat and smile with confidence. While it may not seem harmful, one lost tooth will affect your oral health. The bone is at risk of becoming weaker and eventually degrading. This will cause other healthy teeth to become loose and possibly fall out. Your gums will begin to recede around the gap. Also, the gap in your smile may cause your other teeth to shift. This can create bite issues that can lead to a TMJ disorder. Overall, you are at a higher risk for further tooth loss, gum disease, tooth decay, and lack of confidence in your smile if you have a missing tooth.

Implant Supported Crown

An implant supported crown is made up of a dental crown that your dentist will secure to a single dental implant. The dentist will insert the dental implant into the bone at the void in your arch. It will take several months for the implant to fuse with the surrounding bone. After that, your dentist will attach a custom dental crown to the implant.

Since the implant fuses to the bone, it will hold the crown in place very well. Your replacement tooth can essentially function just like a natural tooth. The implant will also act as a tooth root. This will stimulate bone growth and help prevent bone loss in the jaw.

Other tooth replacement options such as partials dentures and dental bridges will not prevent bone loss. Additionally, they will add stress to your remaining teeth. A dental bridge even requires one or two adjacent teeth to be permanently reduced in size.

How much does an implant supported dental crown cost?

This option will not be the cheapest way to replace your missing tooth. The most affordable way is with a partial denture. A single dental implant and a dental crown require surgical procedures, several doctor’s visits, high quality materials, and a high level of skill to complete. On average, you should prepare yourself to spend up to $5,000. However, this price point could change depending on your dental insurance and whether or not you require any pre-treatment.

How quickly can I get my single missing tooth replaced?

This option will also not be quickest way to replace your tooth. For some patients, the whole process can take up to a year. It involves an exam, tests, and preparation before the actual placement of the implant. The longest part is the healing phase. This can take three to six months. After your consult, your dentist can give a time line of your entire treatment.

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