First Visit Columbia, SC Dentist

Dr. Trinkner and Dr. Keefer accept new patients at our Columbia, South Carolina dental office. We provide a full range of services and treatments, focusing on cosmetic dentistry and advanced restorative procedures. Our experienced dental care team is dedicated to providing patients with very conservative treatment options for the most natural-looking results.

What To Expect From Your First Dentist Visit

If you are a new patient of Dr. Trinkner or Dr. Keefer, your first visit will be a general examination and consultation. This comprehensive evaluation may include:

  • Dental cleaning
  • Periodontal/caries screening
  • Dental records: x-rays, intraoral imaging, etc
  • Occlusal analysis to examine the position of the bite

For the consultation portion of the visit, you will have an opportunity to discuss your dental concerns and goals with Dr. Trinkner. In most cases, cosmetic concerns are the result of underlying instability. Dr. Trinkner or Dr. Keefer will evaluate the entire masticatory system to identify the cause of your concern.

You will be presented with multiple treatment options to help you achieve the results you want.

New Dental Patient FAQs

What should I bring to my first dental appointment?

Please download our patient forms and bring them with you to your first dental appointment. If you have dental insurance, please also remember to bring that information as well. If you are seeking a second opinion or being referred by another dentist, contact our office to find out if we will need copies of your medical or dental records.

Does Dr. Trinkner or Dr. Keefer accept dental insurance?

We will process nearly all dental insurance claims so that you can receive reimbursement for your treatment. Our dentists work with most dental insurance companies as a non-participating or out-of-network providers.

You will be responsible for the treatment costs at the time of your visit, and your insurance company will send you a reimbursement check, typically within three weeks. If you have specific questions about your dental insurance, contact our office. See Payment & Insurance to learn more.