Dental Implants Columbia, SC

Do you have missing teeth? Have you been told your teeth are hopeless and think dentures are your only option?

Dental implants are the modern solution for missing teeth, providing the most lifelike tooth replacement and supporting long-term dental health. Dr. Trinkner and Dr. Keefer work with our patients to replace teeth with the most suitable treatment option and recommend dental implants for most cases. Treatment planning is the most critical component of our team-oriented approach. By incorporating digital diagnostics and 3-D scanning, we can evaluate your oral health condition and strategize a more predictable and stable outcome.

To give patients the highest level of care, Dr. Trinkner and Dr. Keefer collaborate with a select team of specialists in Columbia, South Carolina for the surgical placement of all types of dental implants. The dental laboratories that we work with are on the leading edge of implant dentistry, utilizing the most advanced software for developing and testing dental implants.

Dental implants can be used to replace a single lost tooth, and to secure a dental bridge or denture if several or all teeth are missing. The implant consists of three main parts: the implant screw or post, the abutment, and the implant crown.

A dental implant replaces both the missing tooth and the lost tooth root. The titanium post that is inserted into the jaw helps to maintain and stimulate healthy bone tissue, reducing jaw shrinkage and changes in the fit of the bite.

Dental Implant Solutions in Columbia, SC

Interdisciplinary Approach

The first step in our process is a comprehensive examination and consultation with Dr. Trinkner or Dr. Keefer. Your dentist will thoroughly evaluate the condition and function of your entire occlusal system to determine if tooth implants are right for you.

Our dental care team will create a personalized treatment plan, coordinating with multiple specialists as needed, including an oral surgeon or periodontist who will place the implant and dental lab technicians who will create the dental crown or custom appliance.

  • Single Tooth Implants: for a single missing tooth, a dental implant can be placed to restore natural function and aesthetics.
  • Implant-Supported Bridge: when one or more consecutive teeth are missing, an implant-supported dental bridge can provide the most stable restoration without needing to degrade existing healthy teeth to support an appliance.
  • Implant Dentures: also known as All On Four®, an implant-supported denture means that your new smile will stay put- no slippage, no daily adhesives, and a natural-looking new smile.

About the Dental Implant Procedure

The process for dental implants can take two to three visits to complete, depending on the type of implants you are receiving. The first visit will involve the surgical placement of the implant by a local oral surgeon or periodontist.

In most cases, you will visit Dr. Trinkner’s Columbia, SC dental office that same day for temporaries which will remain in place as the tooth implant heals and fuses to the bone. The healing process takes between three and six months.

Once the integration of the dental implant is complete, you will return to Dr. Trinkner’s office for the final restoration. In the case of a single missing tooth, Dr. Trinkner will usually use a dental crown.

For multiple missing teeth, Dr. Trinkner or Dr. Keefer may restore the implant with a dental bridge or partial denture. If you are missing all of your teeth, a denture can be secured to the implants to restore beauty and function to the smile.

Dental Implant FAQ’s

Are dental implants getting more affordable?

Absolutely. While they were certainly more costly years ago, getting dental implants has become increasingly more affordable as time has gone on and the procedure has become commonplace and many dental practices around the country. We will discuss your budget and our payment options during your consultation.

Can dental implants cause sinus problems?

In rare cases, implants that extend into the sinus cavities can sometimes exacerbate patients that have issues involving sinusitis. That being said, the majority of procedures, including ones where patients may have a preexisting sinus condition, are completed successfully with no further sinus complications.

What is the failure rate of most dental implants?

Studies have shown that the failure rate with most dental implants ranges from 5% and below. These failures often come as a result of improper care following the procedure like eating hard foods, practicing poor oral hygiene, or even brushing your teeth too harshly. The good news is that most of these causes can easily be negated by taking care of your implants from the start.

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Dr. Trinkner and Dr. Keefer offer affordable dental implants in Columbia SC. If you have missing teeth, you have several options. Contact our Columbia, SC dental office to schedule an appointment with Dr. Thomas Trinkner and find out if dental implants are right for you.

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