How To Fix Damaged Teeth

Damaged Teeth Solutions Columbia SC How can I fix damaged teeth?

Damaged teeth can be embarrassing and may even affect your oral health. Dr. Tom Trinkner offers a wide range of treatment options to repair damaged teeth in our Columbia, SC dental practice. Whether you have sustained damage from an accident or a progressive dental issue, our Columbia dental office has the right solution for your smile.

Dr. Trinkner can work with you to determine the best cosmetic solution to repair a damaged smile. If you are missing teeth, we also offer a full range of tooth replacement options, including dental implants, dentures, and dental bridges.

Fixing A Damaged Smile With Cosmetic Dentistry

Common Causes of Tooth Loss and Damage: Patients can lose teeth for a variety of different reasons. Two of the most common reasons for tooth loss and damage are trauma (accident) and gum disease. Gum disease has several stages: Gingivitis-Periodontal Disease. In the most advanced stage of gum disease (periodontal disease), the gums pull away from the teeth, causing the teeth to shift and eventually fall out. Prevention and early diagnosis are essential in the fight against gum disease.

Treating Damaged Teeth in Columbia, SC: During your visit, Dr. Trinkner will carefully examine the teeth and gums and determine the underlying cause of tooth damage. Damaged teeth can be addressed using one or more cosmetic dentistry treatments. We offer the following treatments at our Columbia dental practice:

Dental Bonding: This treatment can be used as a quick, practical solution to address gapped teeth, cracked teeth, fractured teeth, and chipped teeth.

Teeth Whitening: This treatment is an effective way to brighten stained or discolored teeth. We offer in office and take home teeth whitening services.

Porcelain Veneers: This treatment can address stained, chipped, and crooked teeth. Porcelain veneers are custom designed to fit comfortably over the natural teeth and create a beautiful, long-lasting smile.

Fixing Damaged Teeth in Columbia, SC

If you want to improve your smile, visit our Columbia, SC dental office. Dr. Trinkner is a highly trained and experienced dentist in Columbia, SC. To learn more about your options, call 803-400-8729 or schedule an appointment online.