Treating Gum Disease In Columbia, SC

Bleeding, irritated gums is never a good sign!

If you have noticed bleeding gums, we suggest you schedule an appointment with Columbia, SC dentist Dr. Tom Trinkner. Often times, bleeding gums can be an early warning sign of gum disease. The best way to determine if you have developed gum disease is to visit our Columbia dental office.

Dr. Trinkner can perform a detailed examination of your teeth and gums to determine whether or not you have developed gum disease. Regular visits to the dentist call allow Dr. Trinkner to spot early signs of gum disease and treat the infection before it develops into a more advanced dental issue.

Routine dental exam in Columbia SC

Gum Disease and Bleeding Gums

As noted, bleeding gums are often a sign of gum disease, so it is important to visit the dentist to rule out gum disease. Gum disease may also cause symptoms like gum irritation, swollen gums, red gums, halitosis, and shifting teeth. In the most advanced stage of gum disease called periodontitis, deep pockets form around the teeth causing them to shift and eventually fall out.

At this stage, the bone and tissue surrounding your teeth have been compromised, and patients may need gum surgery or a more advanced form of treatment to restore their smile. Visiting the dentist twice a year for routine dental checkups allows for Dr. Trinkner to carefully examine your teeth and gums to check for signs of gum disease.

If gum disease is caught in its earliest stage (gingivitis), Dr. Trinkner may be able to reverse the infection by performing a scale and root planing. Our goal is to effectively treat gum disease and give patients the tools they need to improve their oral health.

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If you are experiencing any signs of gum disease, visit our Columbia dental office. Dr. Trinkner offers exceptional dental care for patients in need. Dr. Trinkner will work with you to determine which solutions best suits your dental needs. Patients can contact our Columbia dental office or schedule an appointment online.