How To Choose A Cosmetic Dentist

Are you looking for a cosmetic dentist that will give you the smile of your dreams?

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A beautiful smile is worth a thousand words. Having straight, white, healthy teeth can build confidence and can help you perform better at work and socially. Choosing a dentist for a smile makeover can be overwhelming. These days many dentists claiming to be cosmetic dentists when they have no advanced training in cosmetic procedures.

There are a few tips and tricks when it comes to finding a qualified cosmetic dentist with a skill set to help you achieve your most beautiful, natural looking smile. Before committing to a cosmetic dentist, you want to feel confident in their skill level and work. It is also important to feel comfortable openly speaking with your dentist so you can communicate your concerns and goals. Columbia, SC AACD accredited cosmetic dentist Dr. Thomas Trinkner provides some important questions to ask a prospective cosmetic dentist.

Ask: Do you have before & after photos of your cosmetic work?

When choosing a cosmetic dentist always ask the dentist to see photographs of their work. A good, qualified dentist should have no trouble presenting previous cases for your viewing. Seeing other patients results can help you feel more confident in the work you are about to have done. Dr. Trinkner is proud of the cosmetic smile makeovers he has performed over the years. Nothing brings him greater joy than spreading those beautiful smiles!

Ask: What are your qualifications?

Ask your potential cosmetic dentist where they got their degree, how long they have been practicing, and what professional affiliations they hold. Cosmetic dentists should be associated with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

Columbia, SC cosmetic dentist Dr. Tom Trinkner is a highly skilled cosmetic dentist with a natural eye for facial esthetics. He is a graduate of The University of South Carolina Cum Laude and holds a Doctorate of Dental Surgery from Ohio State. Dr. Trinkner is an Accredited Member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and has undergone extensive post-graduate training in cosmetic procedures. Using high-quality materials and state of the art digital technology, Dr. Trinkner builds beautiful smiles on stable, healthy oral foundations. Dr. Trinkner believes that cosmetic dentistry is a way of providing patients with lasting oral health and beautiful smiles. At the offices of Dr. Trinkner, our entire team is committed to helping patients reach their goals and exceed their expectations.

Ask: What cosmetic treatments do you offer?

It is essential to know what technology and services your cosmetic dentist has to offer. Be sure to discuss your vision for your future smile, and ask your prospective dentists whether or not they provide the right cosmetic procedures that can help you achieve your goals.

Dr. Trinkner offers a full range of cosmetic treatments. Our Columbia, SC dentist office uses only the most modern, state of the art materials and technologies to ensure high quality lasting results. Dr. Trinkner uses modern cosmetic dentistry to sculpt a beautiful smile that looks and feels like natural teeth.

Contact our Columbia, SC cosmetic dentist office to learn more about how choosing an AACD accredited dentist is the right choice when selecting a cosmetic dentist.