Restorative Procedures with Dr. Trinkner

Have you considered the possibility of completely eliminating your tooth decay or tooth damage? You may have noticed your teeth are not necessarily in the best shape as they could be in. If you are dealing with these problems, you can receive help from a local dentist. Dr. Trinkner is a general dentist in the Columbia, South Carolina area who offers two types of procedures that can help to restore missing teeth, broken teeth, and decaying teeth. He provides these services to help his patients restore their teeth back to better condition. You may have been on the search to find a dentist in Columbia, South Carolina and if you have, Dr. Trinkner is the right dentist for you. He will be able to help replace your teeth via the restorative procedures, leaving you with an improved smile that you can feel confident with.

A dental crown is commonly used as a restorative procedure. The crown is composed of porcelain materials and is made to provide strength. If you receive a dental crown, it can end up lasting for a lifetime if you take proper care of it. The dental crown is put over top of the tooth that has the damage or decay. Dr. Trinkner is a local dentist who has been helping patients with this process in his dentist office for many years. The dental bridges by Dr. Trinkner in Columbia, SC can also be used, although they are considered a temporary solution. Dental bridges are used to help bridge a gap that is made when a tooth is missing from the mouth. However, dental implants are usually recommended as a permanent solution. Dr. Trinker offers each of these types of dental treatments to his patients.

If you would like to begin the restoration process for your teeth, you can schedule a consultation to meet with Dr. Trinker at his dentist office in Columbia, South Carolina. Once you have scheduled a consultation, you will be able to visit the dentist in Columbia and start the evaluation of the teeth so that you can begin the restoration process. In only a short amount of time you could have a smile that is worth a million bucks!