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Quality Local Dentist in Columbia, SC

Dr. Tom Trinker is a local dentist that has been practicing family dentistry in Columbia, South Carolina for twenty-seven years. After attending the University of South Carolina and graduating Cum Laude, Dr. Trinker attended and graduated from the Ohio State College of Dentistry. It was at this time that Dr. Trinker opened his own private dentist practice in Columbia. Besides his 27 years of general dentistry experience, Dr. Trinker has twenty-five years of complex rehabilitation and cosmetic dentistry experience. His experience and expertise has enabled him to teach as an associate professor at the L.D. Pankey Institute for Esthetic programs. Dr. Tinker has presented fifteen lectures and published fourteen articles related to family dentistry, making him a leading local dentist in Columbia.

Dr. Trinker’s dental office offers a number of dental services to its clients. Seven categories of treatment are available: general dentistry, restorative dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, dental crowns, porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, and composite bonding. Dr. Trinker’s offers conservative treatment plans in order to yield natural looking results. The results Dr. Tinker’s patients get from their work is nearly indistinguishable from natural teeth. The results do not look contrived, but reflect the patient’s natural smile. The practice’s foundational commitment to these conservative plans ensures that each patient will be absolutely satisfied with their overall dental work and with their new smile.

Dr. Trinker’s dentist office in Columbia prides itself on being both proactive and reactive in its approach. Aware that every patient’s needs are unique, the office provides a conservative, preventative oral care program for each patient. This ensures that every patient that walks into Dr. Tinker’s office will have a plan that fits their needs and leaves them absolutely satisfied with their smile. While, preventative maintenance will be effective in many cases, Dr. Trinker’s restorative care reflects the same individualized plan and care that is present in his preventative care. Every restorative plan is individualized and based on past patient records and consultations with leading professionals.