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Teeth Whitening

Having teeth that aren’t as white as they can be can affect a person’s confidence and prevent them from showing off their smile to the world. With in office teeth whitening performed by a reputable dentist, beautiful pearly whites can be restored, giving patients something to smile about.

Coffee, sodas, cigarettes, and even age can affect the whiteness of teeth. Over time, teeth can take on a yellow, brown, or gray appearance, losing their luster and brilliance. Fortunately, teeth whitening is an easy and inexpensive procedure that can be performed on even the worst cases, restoring the teeth to the brilliant pearly white that the patient desires.

A dentist can consult with their patient to plan the perfect course of action to whiten their teeth. Many of the newest whitening procedures can be done in the dentist’s office in just a few hours. Dentists will work with their patients to make sure that they get the results that they are looking for. Custom bleaching trays can be made by the dentist, ensuring a perfect and comfortable fit during the whitening process. Dentists will also have many different products to tackle even the toughest stains left on the teeth.

Even patients with sensitive teeth and gums can have their teeth whitened in a dental office. Special formulas that have reduced sensitivity are available, making each procedure painless for the patient while they are getting the bright smile that they deserve. The custom fit trays ensure that the whitening process proceeds smoothly and evenly, making each tooth shades lighter and restoring their natural luster that may have been lost over time or due to diet and lifestyle choices.

Anyone who wishes to get a bright and beautiful smile should consult with a reputable and knowledgeable dentist to discuss all of their whitening options. By taking advantage of the latest procedures, anyone can get a beautiful white smile in no time at all.