Payment & Insurance

Dr. Tom Trinkner is committed to providing his patients with the highest level of dental care possible. During your visit, Dr. Trinkner will take the time to explain all your treatment options and help you make the best choice for your needs, goals, and budget. We strive to provide patients with the least amount of dentistry required to maintain the healthiest, longest-lasting results.

Our payment options include:

  • Cash, check, and credit card
  • Flexible spending accounts, health savings accounts, etc
  • Financing options for qualified patients
  • Payment schedules for complete treatment plans

Dental Insurance

To make your dental care as affordable as possible, we will process your dental insurance claims so that you can receive reimbursement for your treatment.

What dental insurance do you accept?

Dr. Trinkner works with most dental insurance companies as a non-participating or out-of-network provider. You will be responsible for the treatment costs at the time of your visit, and your insurance company will send you a reimbursement check, typically within three weeks.

What is covered by dental insurance?

Treatment coverage varies from one dental insurance provider to another. Most carriers include preventive services such as dental cleanings, routine examinations, and dental x-rays. Depending on your dental insurance benefits, you may be responsible for a co-pay or deductible.

Please consult with your dental insurance company about specific questions regarding benefits and coverage. If you have questions about your specific dental insurance, please contact our office.