Dr. Trinkner's Portfolio

Columbia, South Carolina dentist Dr. Thomas Trinkner takes pride in achieving the most natural looking results for his patients. Please take a look at examples of our work.

Clinical Cases

In this section, we have highlighted some of the cases that Dr. Trinkner have worked on. Each case showcases before and after pictures of the patient as well as images of any temporary or provisional restorations and pictures of diagnostic work, wax-ups and model work. Cases are organized by patient and by treatment type.

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My Work Gallery

In this section, we have side by side before and after close-ups for viewing our results in greater detail. It is easier to see the impact that a personalized cosmetic or restorative dental treatment can have on the patient’s oral health and appearance of their smile.

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The Best Natural results

This section showcases our skill and ability in being able to achieve natural looking results. Comparing actual patients Dr. Trinkner has treated to pictures of teeth that have undergone no dental work, the results are virtually indistinguishable.

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Inspiration for You

This flip book features lifestyle shots of actual patients. We treat patients of all ages and with a range of dental problems, big and small.

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Ceramic Excellence

This portfolio features stunning images of ceramic modeling for dental restorations.

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