Worn/Broken Teeth Columbia, SC

Do you have teeth that are worn, flat or dull? Do you have a tooth or dental crown that keeps breaking over and over?

In many cases, a patient who has worn or broken teeth has an underlying occlusal problem. Malocclusion is instability in the oral system caused by misalignment of the teeth, the TMJ, or a combination of the two. Dr. Trinkner is one of the few dentists in Columbia, SC who is qualified and experienced to treat problems evolving from chronic wear and occlusal instability. If you have a tooth or multiple teeth that break continuously, despite repeated treatment, Dr. Trinkner will complete an examination to look for the underlying source of the problem. Bite problems or TMJ disorders are often treated with a combination of procedures to reshape the teeth and bring them into proper contact with one another.

Options for Worn or Broken Teeth

If you have a single chipped tooth or broken tooth caused by an injury or accident, Dr. Trinkner can often repair the tooth quickly in our Columbia, SC dental office. In many cases, Dr. Trinkner will repair chipped or worn teeth with a tooth bonding technique. Bonding involves placing a special dental resin on the tooth, then sculpting it into place for an invisible restoration.

If the teeth have significant damage, Dr. Trinkner may use porcelain veneers or dental crowns to repair the tooth, restoring normal function and esthetics. Restoring function and aesthetics to your smile will improve both your long-term dental health and your overall quality of life- a healthy smile supports your overall physical well-being in many ways.