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Do you experience frequent headaches, pain in the neck or face? Do you find over the counter pain relievers just don’t help?

Chronic headaches affect millions of Americans, causing them to miss work, make countless doctor visits, and overspend on over-the-counter pain relievers with no relief. A simple evaluation with Dr. Trinkner can help to determine if your frequent headaches and facial pain are caused by Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction or malocclusion (unbalanced bite). Dr. Trinkner specializes in treating TMJ dysfunction and helping people get lasting relief from headaches and facial pain.

Are Your Headaches Caused by TMJ Dysfunction?

Headache causes can include stress, anxiety, lack of sleep, and neurological disorders. An often overlooked cause of headaches, however, is an underlying dental problem commonly associated with dysfunction in the bite. Headaches are one of the most common signs of a temporomandibular disorder (TMD), known as TMJ.

TMJ headaches typically occur in the morning and are the result of tension in the jaw joints, teeth clenching or teeth grinding. Resolving the imbalance in your bite can restore your oral health and relieve painful symptoms for an improved quality of life.

Treatment for TMJ Headaches

Treatment for TMJ headaches can range from simple oral appliance therapy, using a night guard or splint, to advanced bite correction therapy, which involves reshaping the teeth so that they make proper contact.

Dr. Trinkner may use dental crowns, porcelain veneers or dental implants to help bring the teeth into proper alignment and provide lasting relief from headaches and facial pain. In cases where malocclusion is the underlying cause of your dental concerns, orthodontics may be recommended to straighten your smile and allow for a more comfortable and natural bite. Dr. Trinkner is a local Columbia Invisalign® provider and can offer the convenience of clear braces for your treatment when appropriate.

Featured TMJ Patient Testimonial

“Dr. Trinkner correctly diagnosed and then successfully resolved my bite problems. I had visited two other dentists and three orthodontists prior to finding Dr. Trinkner, but none of them could help me. Dr Trinkner instantly recognized the problem, and then provided an effective solution to correct my bite. I would recommend him to anyone!” – Darla J.

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