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Are your teeth worn?

Over time, the teeth naturally wear and can begin to appear darker in color due to the enamel becoming thinner. There are also lifestyle affects on the teeth that will vary from person to person depending on their daily habits and diet: tobacco use, smoking, certain medications and dark foods or beverages can discolor the teeth and cause them to appear worn.

In addition, teeth grinding, jaw clenching and untreated dental problems can wear down the teeth, frequently causing damage in the form of tiny cracks or chips on the surface. Teeth may begin to shift in position in response to these forces or as a result of untreated gum disease. Regular preventive care visits with Dr. Trinkner are important for spotting these issues early on and addressing them with appropriate treatment.496794797

Routine visits with Dr. Trinkner can maintain good dental health and help to prevent the effects of both time and lifestyle on the teeth and gums. Professional dental cleanings, addressing developing dental problems and cosmetic or restorative treatments when necessary will keep the natural teeth from becoming worn and damaged, possibly leading to tooth loss and physical health issues related to poor oral health.

Dr. Trinkner is an experienced dentist with extensive post graduate training in the diagnosis and treatment of complex dental problems, including worn teeth. Dr. Trinkner not only offers the range of dentistry necessary to address the effects of aging and lifestyle on a patient’s teeth, but he also takes the time to pinpoint the underlying problem that is the cause of excess wear on the teeth. This is important in order to provide results that will last and restore good oral health.

Keep your teeth strong and healthy so you can enjoy a good quality of life for years to come! Be sure to come in twice a year for routine dental care as part of a healthy lifestyle.

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