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Dental crowns can be used in a variety of ways to support dental health!

Modern dentistry emphasizes the importance of saving the natural tooth whenever possible because of role they play in preserving bone structure and overall long term oral health. A lifelong healthy smile with strong, functioning teeth can often add to a patient’s daily quality of life: lost teeth can cause speech pattern changes and dietary restrictions.

In addition, lost teeth that are not replaced can cause the jaw bone to shrink and may lend to an overall aging appearance in the structure of the face. They also affect adjacent teeth and tissues, frequently leading to more complex dental health issues down the road.101857060

When a patient has a decaying or damaged tooth, Columbia restorative dentist Dr. Tom Trinkner often recommends treating with a dental crown. The dental crown will serve as a “cap” for the tooth, helping to maintain its structural integrity and strengthening it for long term use. In this way, a dental crown can support long term dental health- even though we may sometimes consider it a cosmetic procedure!

Crowns made from porcelain will offer superior results in terms of function, durability and appearance. They are made to match adjacent natural teeth, are stain resistant and will be custom fit to attach snugly to the damaged tooth, functioning as if it had been there all along!

Maintaining a healthy smile is an important part of overall good health- schedule a visit with Dr. Trinkner in Columbia if you have a damaged tooth to ensure that it does not become a lost tooth! A leading dentist in South Carolina for both cosmetic and restorative dentistry, Dr. Trinkner has been improving smiles for nearly 30 years!

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