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Tooth brushing: part of a healthy oral hygiene routine.

Columbia dentist Dr. Tom Trinkner emphasizes the importance of good oral hygiene and recommends that his patients brush their teeth twice per day for two minutes each time, also the recommendation of the American Dental Association, and floss once a day. Good oral hygiene, which is a combination of preventive dental care and a good at home routine, is the foundation for lifelong oral health.

Brushing twice per day and flossing once a day will help to keep dental health problems like gum disease and tooth decay at bay between preventive care visits. Share this fun video with the younger members of the family to encourage healthy oral habits from an early age:

Using the right type of brush is also important! Be sure to use a soft bristled brush to avoid irritating the sensitive gum tissue. Many patients prefer an electric toothbrush: be sure that the head has soft bristles as well.

Brush the teeth and along the gum line for approximately two minutes- twice per day. After one brushing, floss between the teeth to remove any food particles and plaque that can cause decay. Visit Dr. Trinkner twice per year for a thorough professional exam and dental cleaning- this also gives Dr. Trinkner and his staff the opportunity to spot and treat any developing dental health problems.

These steps will help to keep your smile clean and healthy for a lifetime!