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Invisalign: how does it work?

Invisible braces have revolutionized orthodontics!

Patients, both young and old, appreciate the clear, removable retainers that effectively correct mild to moderate orthodontic issues. Columbia dentist Dr. Trinkner now offers Invisalign invisible braces for treating a variety of dental health and cosmetic issues.

Sometimes seeming too good to be true, many patients often ask:

How does Invisalign work?

Video courtesy Invisalign®

The custom set of clear retainers will be worn by the patient for a specified period of time, typically about a year, and are removable for daily cleaning and tooth brushing. During treatment, Dr. Trinkner will be able to examine the teeth and patients can also receive a thorough dental cleaning: this helps to prevent discoloration or decay that can sometimes occur with traditional metal braces.

Invisible braces allow patients to be treated without anyone knowing they are wearing an orthodontic appliance! This is especially beneficial for adult patients needing orthodontic treatment to improve their oral health and/or appearance of their smile.

Ready for a smile makeover? Discuss the benefits of Invisalign with Dr. Trinkner in his Columbia dental office.