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There are options for today’s patients who need a filling! | Dr. Tom Trinkner, DDS

By the time we reach adulthood, almost 80% of us have experienced a cavity! Young children are just as susceptible to tooth decay as adults. Good oral hygiene, routine preventive care visits and healthy eating can all help us to avoid cavities, tooth decay and the need for dental fillings. However, there are many patients who come to Dr. Trinkner’s Columbia dental office in need of a filling for several reasons: cavities, damaged teeth and worn teeth.

For today’s dental patients, there are options when it comes to dental fillings. Dr. Trinkner will take time with each of his patients in need of a dental filling to discuss their options and the benefits that different types of fillings can offer. Dr. Trinkner prefers to use metal-free fillings for his Columbia area patients.

Resin dental fillings: also known as tooth bonding, resin fillings are appropriate for minor cavities or cracks. Resin is a tooth colored substance that is applied to the affected area and sculpted to form a natural looking restoration that is long lasting when good at home oral hygiene is practiced. Resin restorations are typically completed in a single visit.

Porcelain dental fillings: also known as inlays, onlays and crowns, porcelain fillings and restorations are both comfortable and long lasting. Used for more severely damaged teeth, Dr. Trinkner creates natural looking restorations by taking an impression which is sent out to a lab for custom fabrication.

Old, metal fillings can be replaced if desired or necessary, restoring a more natural appearance to a patient’s smile. Dr. Trinkner can offer patients filings that are “invisible” and comfortable.

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