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Oral Cancer Awareness Month with Dr. Trinkner of Columbia, SC

April has been labeled as the official National Oral Cancer Awareness month. If you are living in the Columbia, SC area and are in need of a general dentist in Columbia, SC, Dr. Trinkner performs a variety of general dentistry services, which includes a screening for oral cancer. You should be receiving regular dental check ups in Columbia, SC to keep your teeth and gums as healthy as can be. Because Dr. Trinkner screens each of his patients for oral cancer, you would also be able to treat the cancer early if you happened to be diagnosed with it. Treating oral cancer in its early stages means a better chance of eliminating it.

Most people do not realize that the routine dental visits are about far more than just cleaning the teeth out properly. While Dr. Trinkner will give the teeth a proper cleansing, he will also take x-rays of the teeth and gums. The x-rays will allow him to get a close view of anything that is happening or developing inside the mouth, which includes oral cancer, cavities, or gum disease. Upon noticing these problems, Dr. Trinkner will inform you on the issues at hand and will also discuss treatment options or dental procedures that can help with to treat these different problems.

If you want to keep your teeth and gums in good condition while preventing other serious diseases and medical conditions, it is necessary to visit Dr. Trinkner at least two times a year. It is advised that patients go to the dentist office in Columbia, SC for a cleaning every few months to stay on the safe side. If you have once had difficulty being able to find a dentist in Columbia, SC before, Dr. Trinkner will be able to assist you by providing all of the dental services that you could possibly need.