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Patient Testimonials for Columbia, SC Dentist Dr. Trinkner

I have a challenging dental profile, to say the least. The staff at Dr. Trinkner’s office always allay my fears and make me feel relaxed and secure. Dr. Trinkner has handled my dental issues with the utmost professionalism and always obtains great results.

– Dennis B.

My experience was superb from beginning to end. The facility is beautifully and thoughtfully appointed, the staff is immediately welcoming and friendly,the quality of the cleaning is meticulously thorough–first rate, and Dr. Trinkner’s exam is careful and responsible without the pressure you sometimes get from some dentists to have work done that is not immediately necessary. I strongly recommend this place without reservation.

– Fred D.

The overall experience is a very pleasant one. I usually am very hesitant and a bit anxious about visiting a dentist office but Dr. Trinkner and his staff make you feel welcomed and comfortable from the moment you enter the door. The personal care and concern for your individual need is without question. I highly recommend this office to anyone who is seeking excellent dental care.

– Sylvia R.

Dr Trinkner and his Columbia, SC dental staff provided me with exceptional care. They were able to quickly see me even though I arrived 20 minutes prior to my appointment. Dr Trinkner was very careful to make sure I had appropriate pain control prior to two fillings. I am very impressed with the professionalism, cleanliness, and efficiency of the office. It was the best experience I have had over 30 years of routine dental and orthodontic care.

– Matthew F.

I was very pleased that as soon as I walked in ten minutes before my scheduled appointment after signing in, I was greeted and taken to a room for service. The service is always excellent and very timely. My last appointment was no exception and I love the dental services provided by Dr. Trinkner and his staff.

– George H.

What a great Dentist!! I felt comfortable and relaxed from the moment I walked in, until the moment I walked out! That place is all beautiful smiles! And what I mean by that is. beautiful smiles on the whole staff! And what I mean by that is, dang, what a gorgeous staff!! 🙂 A+++++++plus

– Anonymous