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Importance of Dental Health with South Carolina Dentist Dr. Trinkner

Oral and dental health is delicately linked to the health of the entire body. Poor dental health can lead to or increase your risk of serious health problems. Oral and dental issues such as gum disease or cavities are active disorders that travel way beyond the mouth. This bad bacteria has direct access to the bloodstream, and via the bloodstream the bad bacteria can travel virtually anywhere in the body.

Poor dental health has long been linked to serious health disorders such as heart disease and diabetes. The plaque buildup deposits found in the mouth are practically the same plaque deposits found in the arteries of someone who suffers from heart disease. Evidence that the plaque buildup in the mouth can and does travel throughout the body.

If you are a diabetic, it is very important that you make your oral health as much of a priority as your diabetes. Diabetes weakens the mouth’s germ-fighting abilities and makes diabetics more susceptible to oral conditions such as thrush or gum disease, which can travel throughout the body and lead to a host of systemic health problems.

Pregnant women should also take extra care of their teeth and oral health. Due to the change in hormones, a woman is never more prone to ill health at any time in her life than when she is pregnant. Nearly half of all expectant mothers develop what is known as pregnancy gingivitis, a form of gum disease. While this form of gum disease typically goes away after pregnancy, for some women it can travel systemically throughout the body and lead to pre-term or low weight birth. Additionally, existing tooth decay increases the risk of ill health and pregnancy complications for expectant mothers.

Making one or two appointments with a local dentist or family dentistry in the Columbia, South Carolina area is the best way to keep your oral health in check. Dr. Trinkner is a general dentist in the Columbia, South Carolina area who takes dental health and your dental concerns seriously. Regular dental checkups by Dr. Trinkner greatly decreases gum disease and leads to better overall oral health which can also decrease your risk of heart disease and other serious health problems.