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Let Dr. Trinkner Improve Your Teeths Function with Restorative Dentistry in His Columbia Dentist Office

Restorative dentistry by Columbia Dentist Dr. Trinkner consists of management of oral health problems including restoration of the full functionality and esthetics of the mouth. This general term combines several disciplines of dentistry including prosthodontics, periodontics and endodontics. Most general dentists are able to integrate these services and offer them to their patients. Only extreme cases are referred to specialists better equipped with instrumental background.

Restorative dentistry offers a variety of procedures such as fillings, veneers, crowns and bridges. In addition, partial and full dentures are fabricated as well as dental implants. It is important to remove any existing decay and replace the missing tooth structure to prevent any more carious lesions from occurring. Minor restorations consist of simple, tooth-colored fillings. Larger caries and significant fractures can be restored with veneers, crowns and bridges. Missing teeth are reclaimed by the placement of removable prosthetics, such as partial and full dentures or implants. There are many ways to salvage and rescue the functionality and the esthetics of the mouth. Many of the procedures are covered by dental insurance providers.

Before the restorative process can begin, a full review of the patient’s medical history is implemented during the first visit. Comprehensive exam and full set of x-rays is taken when creating a treatment plan. Study models and evaluation of the patient’s speech patterns, nutritional habits and occupational hazards are taken into consideration prior addressing any existing dental issues. The initial exam is followed by a prophylactic cleaning to establish a positive oral flora.

The dental provider always strives to preserve the natural dentition and will resort to extractions only when they are beneficial to the patient. Individuals, who exhibit signs of genetic degeneration and may be medically compromised, may have to be presented with other valid options to restore their smile line, esthetic value and oral functions. All patients are counseled on proper home care and creating a correct daily regimen to maintain their teeth for a lifetime. Correct brushing techniques, the use of antibacterial rinses, flossing and dietary adjustments are always discussed by the dentist with the patient during the initial evaluation, recall exams and cleanings scheduled with the dental hygienist.