Dental Crowns

Fillings are typically used to fill cavities in teeth that have signs of decay. However, sometimes a more aggressive treatment is needed to correct teeth that have deteriorated beyond what a traditional filling can fix. For these problems, crowns are used to not only fix the problem, but to also restore the tooth so that it looks healthy and white again.

Crowns are pieces that are placed over an entire tooth and can even be placed on front teeth. The crown is cemented to the existing tooth, making it a permanent fix for a tooth that has extensive damage. Crowns are designed to match the natural teeth so that they do not look fake or have uneven coloring. A dental crown not only makes the tooth functional and stronger, but it can also be used to visibly improve the appearance of the tooth, making teeth straighter and whiter. Dental crowns are also perfect for teeth that are chipped or cracked as a cosmetic procedure to protect the tooth and help it look healthy.

Most crowns are constructed from porcelain or ceramic to give the most realistic appearance. Crowns can also be made of different types of alloys when more strength is needed. A dentist can consult with a patient to go over the best options for his or her treatment. Applying crowns is quick and easy and can be done right at the dentist’s office with little or no pain involved in this procedure.

Crowns are just one of the many options that can help restore a person’s smile so that they can be pain free and confident again. Whether using crowns for cosmetic purposes to reshape the teeth or using it to cover existing fillings to keep the teeth healthy, this is a permanent solution that can give a person the healthy and beautiful smile that they have always wanted.