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Dr. Trinkner Answers Your Questions On His ‘Veneers on a Budget’ Technique

Engage the author behind one of November DPR’s technique articles. It’s not every author that would make him or herself available to the reading public, but Dr. Thomas Trinkner has agreed to do just that.

His November technique article, “How to provide veneers on a budget,” is meant to provide a case study for how a simple procedure, executed well, can offer extraordinary benefit to the patient and the dental practice.

If you want to speak with Dr. Trinkner about the article, ask follow-up questions or find out if your patients are good candidates for the technique, then consider these options for engagement:

•Go to on Nov. 15 for a live chat! Dr. Trinkner will be online from 3:30 p.m. to 5 p.m. EST.

•Can’t make that window? No problem! Submit your questions to and we will make sure they get answered.

•Do you have a patient in mind that you’d consider for this kind of technique? Let Dr. Trinkner take a look. Submit photos to and be part of a slideshow review process of potential cases.

•Want to see more like this? There will be supplementary techniques available online to check out via our slideshow format.

•Plus video, staff insights and more!