Dr. Trinkner's Dental Treatments

Dr. Trinkner's Dental TreatmentsFor Columbia, SC dentist Dr. Tom Trinkner, cosmetic dentistry is about more than just aesthetics. It’s about providing convenient solutions for patients suffering from broken, cracked, worn, or missing teeth. It’s about restoring natural function and form to smiles.

As a cosmetic dentist in Columbia, SC with nearly 30 years experience, Dr. Trinkner has built a practice around long term practical dental care that is functional and cost effective.


Patient-Focused Dentistry in Columbia, SC

The number one priority at our Columbia, SC dental office is meeting patient needs with conservative treatment plans that help strengthen and support natural tooth structure. Using advanced diagnostic techniques, Dr. Trinkner provides patients with a visual impression of what their smile could look like prior to any treatment.

Dental Treatments Offered by Dr. Thomas Trinkner

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