Columbia, SC cosmetic and restorative dentist Dr. Tom Trinkner offers a full range of dental procedures for the complete oral health of his patients. His aesthetic eye and advanced training allow Dr. Trinker to provide quality dentistry that can restore both the function and beauty to any smile. We want our patients to share their success stories with you, so you can see first hand how a qualified and compassionate dentist, can change your life for the better.

Patient Success Stories

Patient: Jeff

Dental Crowns
CEREC technology
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Jeff suffered from extensive erosion and wear to his top and bottom teeth. His teeth were misshaped, discolored and had significant wear. Using innovative technology and precise diagnostics, Dr. Trinker was able to restore Jeff’s smile. Dental crowns were used to cover Jeff’s existing teeth. Ten years after the procedure and Jeff’s restorations are still functional and beautiful. Jeff was able to regain confidence in his smile.

Patient: Ann

Dental Crowns

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Ann had dark spots on her front teeth that were resistant to whitening gels. Ann also had some misalignment of her bite and teeth. Dr. Trinker advised that Ann undergo orthodontics to straighten her teeth to avoid further damage to her teeth or bite . Once her teeth were realigned, Dr. Trinker use a dental crown to cover her discolored tooth. Ann received conservative treatment that restored the foundation of her smile and left her with an aesthetically pleasing smile she loves to share.

Patient: Jill

Porcelain veneers

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Jill wanted to close the gaps in her smile. She was self conscious of the small spaces between her front teeth that were highly visable when she smiled. Using advanced diagnostic computer software, Dr. Trinker was able to design her smile prior to Jill having to commit to any treatment. Once Jill was satisfied with the digital images of her future smile, Dr. Trinker created four porcelain veneers for a natural looking and comfortable restoration.

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